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Brand manager: what it is, functions, skills and work tools

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Do you know the functions of a company's brand manager? We know the pressure that comes with that job. Market expectations are increasing every day more, not to mention the competitiveness between the brands themselves.

 As you may know, nowadays the brand is one more value of a company, and we dare to say that it is one of the most important, therefore, defining the brand strategy with accuracy and establishing processes that allow it to be followed, is something currently highly valued.

If social networks have helped us in anything, it is in getting much more direct, immediate and truthful feedback from our customers. That the image that our clients have of our brand is the one that is intended to be transmitted, it is undoubtedly a very delicate job.

For this reason, the figure of the brand manager is essential in a business, especially if it is a large company, because the efforts can be diluted if the team is not correctly aligned with the image and brand values ​​that they want to transmit. to the public.

To ensure that the work of the brand manager is effective, it is essential to have the right tools and work methodology so as to achieve the success of the company.

In this article we will let you know everything you need about the essential functions, skills and tools for every good brand manager, don't miss it!

What is a brand manager?

Six years ago, according to the labor market study carried out by infojobs and ESADE in 2016-17, the brand manager was the fourth best paid profession in Spain.

This professional figure is becoming more and more relevant, due to the high competitiveness of the market, which makes companies acquire differential value to outperform the competition. But what is a brand manager? How is its day to day? What challenges and situations does it face and through which tools?

Objectives of the brand manager

The brand manager is the professional in charge of the strategic management of the brand. His task is to design, execute and supervise the brand strategy, for which he collaborates closely with other areas of the company such as communication, marketing, finance or sales.

In other words, the brand manager ensures that all actions, communications or processes related to the brand are aligned with the strategic plan and previously defined values. It is the agent whose task is to convert a company or person into a brand.

Functions of the brand manager 

Among the multiple tasks carried out by brand managers, the most basic in their day-to-day are the following:

  • Be constantly informed of new emerging trends.

  • Highlight the added value or competitive advantage of the brand.

  • Establish a roadmap for the brand, design and execute campaigns and communication material, as well as online and offline marketing material.

  • Analyze the results of the campaigns carried out.

  • Monitor social networks.

  • Manage budgets.

  • Take care of the reputation and influence of the brand.

All these actions must be carried out for all the brand touchpoints and at any stage in which it is found. That is to say, either in the creation and launch or when it is time to reinforce its position, make it grow or change its course.

To do this, the brand manager must work coordinated with different departments of the company. Although it was traditionally inserted in the brand or marketing and communication departments, the truth is that it is a transversal and multi-departmental figure that usually reports directly to the presidency or management.

Brand manager skills powered by tools

When facing such a complex task with such diverse points of interest and control, nowadays there are different technological tools that facilitate the brand manager's work of harmonizing, transmitting and measuring all the actions of a brand. Tools for the automation of email marketing, software for the analysis of social networks, platforms for studies and alerts on trends, DAM and SaaS management systems or brand centers where all these functionalities can be combined and all the brand material can be shared or where the workflows, templates and staff involved in an action help the brand manager to ensure consistency, optimize time and avoid errors.como-gestionar-la-marca-el-marketing-y-la-comunicacion-de-manera-eficiente 

There are four key steps to becoming a successful brand manager at the forefront of the comprehensive process of creating and managing a brand: study, analyze and understand the brand thoroughly; align with its values ​​so as to represent them; communicate and spread the brand to the rest of the employees and monitor and guide the rest of the areas, partners and departments.

In addition to these four keys, a brand manager must have a great strategic, analytical and creative vision, possess communication and commercial skills, and be a person with leadership and emotional management skills. For this reason, they are usually professionals with studies in communication, marketing, business management and economic or financial studies.

However, there is no closed profile, and each brand or organization has specific needs that the brand manager must detect, know and exploit in search of notoriety, relevance and loyalty of the public of interest to ensure that the best results are obtained.

In short, the figure of the brand manager is very complete and complex, not only must he be a good communicator and be up to date with trends, he must know his company perfectly so that everything he transmits is coherent and all the departments are aligned. In this way, effective work will be achieved by the brand manager and, with the right tools, the results will multiply unexpectedly.

Has the figure of the brand manager still not been clear to you? Do you want to learn more about what tools make the brand manager's job easier?

With regard to the tools that make the brand manager’s life easier, we cannot fail to mention the role of the brandcenter, the tool for digitizing the use of the brand.

A brand center is to the brand manager what a laser sword is to a Jedi!

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